Today’s Date Part II

Today is 2012300–the 300th day of 2012

The Julian year (2000+(julian day – 2451545/365.25) = 2012.81861739, which for some reason is not the same as 300/366 which is .81967221.

This sounds so aspergian.
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Today’s Date/Rata Die

Today marks 734,800 days since 1 Jan 0001 (the Rata Die).

200 days from now, R.D. 735000, the date will be 12 May 2013, a Sunday.

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Turning Sixty

On turning 60…

60 = 2 x 2 x 3 x 5  (I couldn’t do that with 59, it’s prime)

60 = 55 + 5 (Fibonacci numbers)

60 = 100001000 (Zeckendorf representation)

111100 (binary)

74 (octal)

3C (hexadecimal)…
Theoretically, supposedly, it’s just a number. This doesn’t make the event any less traumatic.

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I think I know how Shirley Maclaine feels…
On 26 June 2010 we drove about 300 km to the city of Voturporanga. The place is called Estância Casa Caminho e Luz  Loosely In english,  House of the Way & Light . A woman by the name of Edelarzil Munhoz Cardoso is locally known  as “a benzedeira do algodão, or, the cotton healer.
As I can’t seem to find a website in english I used the google translator for the following excerpt:
The materialization of objects is an impressive event, but also controversial enough to win over skeptics. In the interior of Sao Paulo, EdelarzilMunhoz Cardoso, known as “the healer of cotton”, has performed this phenomenon for over 50 years.
Clad in white, with necklace and bracelet, lipstick and a mild sweet perfume, she meets weekly with hundreds of people who seek consultation in order to be “clean” of negative influences, spells or personal conflicts. No one leaveswithout being seen.
History – At 7, she prayed the rosary, seeing  the angel of light and darkness: “I opted for the light guides that protect me: St. Anthony of Padua and Our Lady of the Rosary.” She was upset about everything that happened and felt she was crazy. Later, she began to meet at her home with people who came from all parts of Brazil.
Materialization – In 1980, she began to materialize objects:“Objects fell on top of people,” she says. “Glass, bones, and heavy things appeared  that ended up cutting or hurting.” It was then she asked for spiritual guides who showed her another way to do this: cotton.
The objective is to “clean”, free the person from that which complicates his life andonce is not always enough. Influences, jealousy or negative energy created by the mind itself, all this will be transported to the cotton and released. Then they need prayers for a period of 13 days.
One of the most common comments on the site is of a boy who, during the materialization had a live frog appear, with his mouth sewn. When it was opened, he found his photo.
The subject is so controversial and provocative that the medium has receivedvisits from people from various countries, and has been a subject of much TV, but nobody can prove anything: “I’m not afraid, my conscience is clean before God” , Edelarzil says. 
Politicians, singers, actors, such as Raul Cortez, Ruth Escobar, Elizabeth Savala and even the well-known actress Shirley Maclaine have regularly attended. 
Edelarzil gives 100 monthly food baskets for needy families.
The space where the work is carried out is on land donated by a doctor and is called the Way and the Light House Resort, in Votuporanga, São Paulo. There it is well organized, and as soon as people arrive, they must get anumber, take or buy cotton knit and break it to be placed in the sieve, whereit will be wettened. Everything is in sight: screen, cotton, water tank where the water flows and anyone who wants may stay close and ask questions. She talks and prays preceding the work, asking for an examination of conscience, to focus and ask for health, peace of mind and spirit, & to be patient and simple.
Cases – Most people who frequent the place are not beginners. D. Olinda has visited for more than six years. The first time, half of a shirt that had disappeared from his home long ago materialized, along with a knife with theinitials of his name. Once, a glass of ice appeared; after it melted there was a piece of paper with the words “if itis not mine, then it is not anyone else’s.”
Some meanings – Pus: grace received in health, taken from a person’s bodyroots and plants: old workToad: the desire to illness, tragedy, accident and deathGlass (broken): to cut commercial and professional activitiesNails screws: to keep in place or running out of goalsPin: the person’s mental disorderBones: difficulty in everything that takes placeSweets or candies: Sweeten to deceiveMatches: working magic or demandPieces of a Vase: unbalance in financial life.
This assessment is personal and can be disputed or not, we present here only a short description.

These are photographs of what she pulled out of my cotton:

Detail of padlock: appears to be the head of a rodent

Detail of one of the bone fragments

DO feel lighter, & not as prone to negativity as I was.

I may go back.

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Ist Post

Decided to take the plunge & get my own domain…will be busy updating…

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