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Sometime ago my wife came across a magazine article concerning children & autism. The more she read, the more she realized the symptoms seemed to be describing me.

Asperger’s Syndrome.

Of course I was certain I couldn’t be autistic, but then the very first symptom she pointed out was difficulty making eye contact.

Hey wait a minute, I thought. Actually, I have that problem…and I’ve had it my entire life.

I’ve never known why.

So, I started my own investigation via online research.

I even took a few online psychological tests, all of which pointed to a strong possibility/likelihood that I was indeed, an aspie.

Then, after spending a few years as a self-diagnosed aspie, I finally, at the age of 59, was formally diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome .i

Fifty-nine years. Unaware there was a name for this.

Welcome to my blog.

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